Last update: 2023/05/19 11:34

Value generated and shared

The wealth generated by the Ascopiave Group in 2022 proved capable of supporting the continuity and high quality of the services offered to all the various stakeholders, while at the same time fuelling the economic sustainability of the system

Euro 198,536 thousand

Directly generated economic value

Euro 148,204 thousand

Distributed economic value


Economic value generated by Ascopiave

Euro 50,331 thousand

Economic value retained





EURO 198.5 million



Economic value was thus distributed among the stakeholders:

Euro 33,009 thousand

Staff remuneration

Euro 42,642 thousand

Supplier remuneration

The Group, also with regard to its own supply chain, promotes sound entrepreneurship, through procurement policies aimed at improving the quality of jobs and the working environment, as well as full compliance with the principles of legality, transparency and equal treatment, together with proper environmental management and health and safety protection.

Euro 6,223 thousand

Remuneration of lenders

Euro 28,172 thousand

Remuneration of shareholders

Euro 37,972 thousand

Public Administration Remuneration

Euro 186 thousand

Remuneration of the Community

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