Last update: 2023/05/19 10:32

Sustainable management of environmental resources

The Ascopiave Group is active in the renewable energy sector with hydroelectric and wind power plants: 5,585 Km of gas network inspected with the innovative “Picarro Surveyor” instrument
1 wind power plant of 14 MW 33 TEP saved due to the efficiency of cogenerators
27 production plants of hydroelectric power of 48.5 MW 180kW the power of the new section of the photovoltaic system

Energy efficiency projects quantified in

38,953 TEE

With a view to decarbonisation and energy transition, new EURO 6 vehicles were purchased in 2022, increasing the share to 47% of the total

62.5 MW

the nominal installed power to produce renewable electricity

With a view to improving waste management, the Group recorded a reduction of 21,812 kg of waste in 2022
Significant clean energy production is ensured at the company’s headquarters thanks to a photovoltaic plant that produced 1,593 GJ in 2022 and a geothermal plant


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