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The Group

The Company originated from the «Consorzio obbligatorio fra i Comuni del Bacino Imbrifero del Fiume Piave» (a collective consortium including the majority of the municipalities overlooking the river Piave, in North East Italy) established in 1956 with the aim to collect all the leases due by hydroelectric companies which taking advantage of the stream of Piave river to product electricity, and employing that amount in order to develop the natural gas pipes network. Through the years the pipes network was increased from the initial 34 Consortiated municipalities to other 58 bordering municipalities, which stipulated specific agreements with Consorzio B.I.M. Piave.

In 1996 the Consorzio B.I.M Piave sold his businesses to a new company called A.S.CO. Piave (Azienda Speciale Consorziale Piave) that, in December 2001, after the merging of Consortiated municipalities with Agreeded municipalities, turned into a Limited Company (Società per Azioni) and so getting his actual business name Ascopiave S.p.A..


The Ascopiave Group is one of the leading operators in natural gas distribution in the country.

The Group owns concessions and direct assignments for the management of activities in 268 towns, supplying services to about 775,000 inhabitants, through a network which spreads over 12,000 kilometres. Ascopiave is also a partner of the Hera Group in the sale of gas and electricity, through a 48% stake in Est Energy, a leading operator in the field holding a portfolio of over 1 million sales contracts to end users, mainly in Veneto, Friuli Venezia-Giulia and Lombardy regions.
Ascopiave is also present in the water sector, being a shareholder and technological partner of the company Cogeide, operating in integrated urban water management in 15 Municipalities of the Province of Bergamo, serving a catchment area of over 100,000 inhabitants through a network of 880 km.

Ascopiave has been listed under the Star segment of Borsa Italiana since 12th December 2006.

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